How Using Google Schema Markup Can Boost Your SEO

Schema markup is one of the latest developments in the SEO industry. As most webmasters are still to implement it, you can use Google schema markup to gain a significant competitive edge over your less alert or less informed competitors. Let’s see how the implementation of this markup can boost your SEO.

If you are familiar with the concept of rich snippets, you’ll have an easier time at understanding what Google Schema is. Simply put, it is code that enables your website to benefit from enriched listings in the SERPs. If you have ever used Google to search for cooking recipes, you may have noticed that some results stand out from the crowd due to their special formatting, with more details and perhaps with star ratings awarded by their readers. All additional information has been collected and displayed by Google thanks to the implementation of Schema, the code that teaches search engines how to categorize the content of a web page.

The biggest advantage of schema is that it enables search engines to understand the meaning of your content at a deeper level. In other words, Google will know at a glance that one of your articles is actually a cooking recipe, and it will be able to identify which part of the text represents the list of ingredients, which one represents the preparation process, and which one contains the service suggestions. Once the search engine identifies this data, it can display it in a more meaningful way, in order to users to understand at a glance what they are going to find on your web page, should they decide to click through to read your recipe.

Since these special listings stand out, they usually get more clicks than regular results. This means that they are able to drive more traffic to your website. Furthermore, as they enjoy a higher CTR, they may contribute to improving your positions in the SERPs. Search engine users arriving on your website will be more prone to spending more time on it, as they will find exactly what they were looking for. The time spent of site is another factor that influences Google rankings, so you’ll have another indirect SEO benefit from implementing the schema markup into your website. Your Google search snippets will look better, will be more informative, and will grab the attention of users. All these will lead to a higher click-through rate and to higher user satisfaction. As Google is on a mission to provide their users with the best answers to their queries, there’s no wonder they are eager to reward websites that help them improve their satisfaction level.

As you can see, there are many SEO benefits to using this markup with a Houston SEO company. The good news is that you won’t have to learn a new coding language, because schema is very easy to integrate into the HTML code of your website. You only need to learn the specific code that adds these details to your website and you’re good to go.